Happy New User!
Hi All!

I just got my WiModem232 today and got my Macintosh Plus connected to the Level 29 BBS via Telnet in about 10 minutes!

Very happy with this little thing and the OLED screen is really a sharp addition!

Check out my post here:

Any others experiences or tips and tricks to connecting to other BBS's would be appreciated!

All the best,

Thanks! I will add your computer type to the compatibility list. What did you use for a cable to connect between the Mac and the WiModem232?
I connected my Mac Plus to the WiModem232 with a standard modem cable - MDIN8 to DB25.
Like this one at Monoprice: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=516
Just plugged it all up everything worked with no fiddling around!
Great! Thanks for the info!

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