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If I may be so bold as to welcome myself to the forum....

We also maintain a list of Atari BBS's and recently there is a surge of BBS SysOps and users buying some of the WiModem232's.

If anyone is interested, the list is at

Safe travels.... and great work on this wonderful device.
Welcome to the forum! Thanks for posting that list!
oh, check also RapidFire BBS:

Running at Ultimat64 Elite with 38.400 Baud and C*Base System..
The home of Excess, Laxity and Fairlight.
Nice! Thanks for sharing!
Here is another BBS running on a WiModem232:
The DarkForce! BBS has also now completely switched to the WiModem 232.

Callers can reach us at:

Thanks for calling! Smile

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