The drive LED doesn't go off
I got your SuperCard Pro board back and it works perfectly!

I am guessing that your cable, drive, or power supply has to be an issue.  What jumpers do you have on the floppy drive?
Why!? I don't know why It's didn't work on my FDD.
Here is jumper settings for MPF920-5 and MPF420-4.

I'm also using MPF920-5 for KryoFlux. It works perfectly.

I am not sure how those jumpers are set (can't tell from the picture). You will want to look at DS0, DS1, and DS2 jumper positions. I just plugged your SuperCard Pro board into my NEC drive and it worked. I will have to find one of my MPF920 drive and try it, but I expect it to work just fine. Your boards passes all of the diagnostics and made a few copies that worked fine.

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