Amiga (Chinon) drive cabling with SCP
I obtained an Amiga 2000 of a certain age recently and, finding it DOA, began sorting it out.  I attempted to see if I could get a response out of the two Chinon FB-354 drives that were included by connecting them to the SCP.  In the process I found that the Amiga interface is different from the PC.  Both use 34-pin connectors and both send the same signals - more or less - but they handle the A: / B: (df0, df1) issue differently, and hence their cable twists occur in different places.  (The Amiga interface is a modified Shugart, from what I have read.)

The SCP therefore was able to recognize an attached Chinon as Drive1, and could find maximum track, but the speed test failed because there was no index pulse, and there was no index pulse because the motor start signal was on the wrong line.  At least, that's my best guess.

It seems to me that with a little care one could build a custom cable to put the SCP's PC-based signals where the Amiga drives could find them.  If that were true, CBMStuff might even build such a custom cable and offer it for sale.

But the main question is: am I correct in my supposition?


You CAN NOT use an Amiga drive with SuperCard Pro!  The SuperCard Pro is designed strictly for "PC" compatible drives, which the Amiga drives are not!

The Amiga drives have special hardware built into them to allow for supporting 4 disk drives, and that interferes with the normal PC drive signals.  The same issue exists if you try to use an Amiga drive in a PC.  There is no way to make any type of interface cable that will work.

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