File Transfer
I just tried it as-fast-as-possible and I'm still getting dropped characters.

My settings are :

F       : 1.93-04/04/17                 
B       :9600                               
O       P   :1541                      
I        P   :6400                      
FCC ID:2ADUIESP-12                      
DCD S    :0                             
DCD P       :1                          
CTS S    :1                             
CTS P       :1                          
RTS S    :0                             
RTS P       :1      

Perhaps its a bad wifi signal ?
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Seems like the flow control is enabled correctly. I probably should look into the receive side of the WiModem. It works with the V1541 38400 driver though.
This is great good job. I wonder what effort would be required to make a linux version of wibridge. I would like to run something like this on my NAS. Any advice on where to get started would be appreciated or perhaps a peek at your source
Hey, I started using this a lot lately but have run in to an issue.

I've recently cut the UP9600 jumper so that I can use this on my C128D.  It's been fine with terminals running at 2400 baud but I started using Desterm 3.02 at 9600 baud.  All seems good with Telnet sites and file transfers but when I use WiBridge and issue a zget, the files begin to transfer but after a moment Desterm starts issuing errors.  Checking changes from CRC-16 to CRC-32 or something and it basically stops transferring.  I get a BAD CRC.  The transfer on the PC side continues and I just get a screen of garbage on my terminal.  Doesn't matter what baud rate I am using.

Wondering if there is a protocol issue or some other setting I can tweak.  Just to be clear, it seems to be fine with
Zmodem protocol is always going to be problematic with Wifi transfers. That protocol expects things to happen within a certain time frame (like ACKs' within 25ms). Since ping times can exceed this, especially on multiple hops across the internet, Zmodem usually won't work unless you can adjust the PC side's timing windows. For me, I can use WiBridge with my router with a dedicated IP for the WiModem and the ping time is about 8ms. However, if I try to use an internet based connection from one machine to another in my same house, the ping time is over 50ms and it won't work.

Xmodem CRC and YModem-1K and YModem-G are two protocols that work fine. Also keep in mind that any type of telnet connection is going to create a big bottle neck! Almost all BBS's out there do not use a telnet connection, they are direct TCP/IP without going through a telnet gateway.

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