Making an actual telnet connection=garbled text
Ok, I've found something.

"When a telnet session is started, the telnetd daemon sends TELNET options to the client (remote) host to indicate an ability to perform options.
Terminal Negotiation
The telnetd daemon requests the terminal type from the client host. On receipt, the telnetd daemon checks whether the indicated type is supported on the local system. If not, the daemon requests a terminal type again.
This terminal type negotiation continues until the remote client sends an acceptable terminal type or until the client sends the same type twice in a row, indicating that it has no other types available. When necessary, the telnetd daemon refers to the /etc/telnet.conf file to translate a client's terminal-type strings into terminfo file entries."

If I understand this correctly, I would need to answer this initial Negotiation from within my terminal Emulator (striketerm) and then it should work.

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