Use SuperCard Pro as a drive emulator
(05-02-2017, 07:32 AM)admin Wrote: The 1541 emulation in U2+ leaves a lot to be desired.  There are a slew of .g64 images that don't work.

The 1571 emulation is just the addition of the WD1772 controller (for PC format) and 2MHz CPU.  It's not a stretch and there will be a 1571 emulator, along with the 1581 emulator.

Yay! 8-)

I'm down to 1 working 1571 now so I can't really run CPM meaningfully on my good old C128 any more.

Keeping an eye out for a Mechanism to replace the one now in my external 1571 which is beyond repair. I have migrated that original Mechanism into the C128D with some slight modification Big Grin

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