Latest beta - changes
Release v2.00
  • Updated copyright date
  • Added check for Administrator mode
  • Added check for multiple instances
Release v2.01
  • Internal release for testing.

Release v2.02
  • Increased retries for USB transfers.  This should help with issues on extremely noisy USB hubs.
  • Added new pull-down option Rescan Floppy Drives which will re-check for the SuperCard Pro hardware and any newly connected drives.
  • Made software aware of when the SuperCard Pro hardware has been disconnected and reconnected.
Release v2.1
  • Added Index Track option.  This lets you "rotate" the track within the track buffer.  All revolutions are rotated.  Place the cursor to the start of the data you want rotated and click the Index Track button.  The data starting under where the cursor is located will be rotated to the beginning of the track buffer (and the rest of the data is rotated as well).
  • Added rotate option.  You can rotate a single bitcelll forwards or backwards by holding the CTRL key and pressing LEFT or RIGHT cursor keys.  You can rotate 16 bitcells at a time forwards or backwards by holding the CTRL key and pressing UP or DOWN cursor keys.  You can rotate 320 bitcells at a time forwards or backwards by holding the CTRL key and pressing PageUP or PageDOWN cursor keys.
  • Fixed various text information collisions during highlighting.
  • Renamed pull-down menu option Drive Settings to Drive Options.
  • Added header and data block highlighting for Commodore GCR format.
  • Reset number of revolutions to 1 when switching from GCR to .g64/.NIB formats.
  • Added auto re-center of the editor/analyzer window when exiting the flux display mode.
  • Fixed .g64 conversion when using mutli-rev image files.
  • Added new pull-down menu option for editor/analyzer - Miscellaneous Options.
  • Added clipboard paste options in editor/analyzer (currently only for GCR).
  • Fixed bug with saving window positions when the auto-update option was off.
  • Fixed fill byte not setting dirty flag.
  • Fixed window save positions for multiple monitors.
  • Fixed issue with highlighting accidentally being enabled during a file load.
  • Made separate buttons for read, write, and write track when working with an image file.  The WRITE button will re-write the file.  The WRITE TRACK button works as before, writing the track in the buffer to a real floppy drive.
Release v2.2
  • Added USB test option to the Editor/Analyzer pull-down menu.
  • Changed internal structures to try to reduce various anti-virus programs from false positive triggers!  I am in the process of getting a code-signing certificate to end this nightmare!

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