Latest beta - changes
Beta .50 moves the config file (scp.ini) into the Applications Data\SCP folder (where it belongs for Windows application compliancy). So, Administrator privileges are not required for writing this file. You will still need to run SCP.exe in Administrator mode during any auto-update process. Sncboom2K has a nice tutorial here on how to make SCP.exe always run in Administrator mode.

Made separate paths that are saved in the config file for the analyzer image files, flux image files, and g64 image files. This is in preparation for the batch processing code - allowing files to be saved to different locations during conversions (such as making a flux image and a g64 image at the same time with the files going to two different locations).

Fixed a problem with selecting a file for read-only and having it create a 0 length file.
Beta .51 corrects a bug in the path handling. Bizzare.. the compiler missed a misspelling and never generated an error.
Beta .52 moves some buffers around and reduces memory consumption (not that it matters with the size of these image files being <10MB).

Changed the sync detection in Commodore GCR mode to be 10 or more consecutive 1 bits, highlighting all bytes that make up the series of bits (suggestion made by LordCrass long ago).

Corrected problem reported with dual drive copies (requires new v0.3 firmware). New firmware version can be download here.

Changed GET/SET_PARAMS to be 4 words of data for the delays: select, step, motor on, and seek 0. This lets us get/set the delays remotely in case they need to be changed for drive compatibility.

NOTE to beta testers... as you have discovered, the v.2->v.3 firmware updater always shows the firmware version as being v.2 when running the flasher. Please ignore that! When the SCP program runs, just make sure that it shows v.3 as the firmware version in the title bar. I will fix that issue at some point. Production boards don't have this issue.
Beta .53 adds the new function "Disk Recovery" to the function menu. This feature will not be implemented until it has been completed. This will let you recover data-only disks (not copy protected) by skewing the GCR or MFM timing during re-reads to recover data that is corrupted.

Changed the Index Sensor option to now be separated for reads and writes. It's possible to read a disk on the index pulse and write it back without using the index (like the backside of a disk in a drive that supports writing to the backside via a jumper change). Both of the sensor options are stored in the config file separately.

Added Reset to Default to the config menu option.
Beta .54 corrects a problem with 48 TPI drives. There is an issue that I will need to address at some point. Images currently created on a 360RPM drive will not write on a 300RPM drive, and vice-versa. I need to fix a bug in the flux translation when the time is over a certain limit (like 200us vs 166us track times). I am also working on the flux normalization routine that offers a more true reproduction of the exact flux data while writing, based on how the target drive handles magnetic transitions. Every drive is different, so for exact preservation quality copies, this routine needs to be used. If you just want a copy that works, but might be a few bits off then it won't matter. I will make that selectable as an exact bit exact copy could take considerably longer depend on the drive speed variations.

Fixed bug in analyzer not being able to write to the back side of a disk (flipped over) with the Index Sensor/Writes->Ignore option selected.

Fixed a problem with G64 tracks greater than the 'norma'l $1EF8 length. Bumped the storage space to be $1F90, which fixed the problem with some V-Max protections. The G64 image is created as the disk is read, so I will at some point re-write the code so the flux data is read first and the longest track is used to set the maximum storage space needed. This will optimize the file size by a few kilobytes.
Beta .55 fixes a problem with 48 TPI drives creating g64 image files.

Added support for 1/2 tracks during disk copying and imaging.

Renamed 'Step Size' to 'Drive Type', as this makes more sense.

Corrected issue with track 42.5 not being available in analyzer.
Beta .56 changes the FIND GAP to FIND INVALID, and now will show where all write splices occur.

A bunch of general clean up, removing things like setting the side for each track when it didn't change, etc.

Added flux to g64 conversion. Batch conversion is just a matter of multi selecting .scp flux image files to be converted to .g64 image files. There are no conversion messages yet. You don't need the SCP hardware to use the conversion features so anyone is welcome to use this software.
Beta .57 corrects problems with tracks that end with weakbits and the weakbit fix is enabled.

Added filter for source and target devices to disallow flux to flux and other impossible options.

Changed text of "start" option box in copier to reflect the task (Start Copy, Mask Disk, Make Image, Start Conversion).

Added display box for conversion, with error messages.

Added "Override File" option so that image conversions can be reduced in size by using the start/end track set in the copier options.

Corrected start/end track display for half tracks and non-half tracks.
Beta .58 adds flux image to disk support! There are a few quirks, like disks with half tracks don't show the half track being written yet (but it is). But other than that, we can now write images to disk.
Beta .59 cleans up a lot of little display issues in the analyzer, disallows certain functions while in different image modes, etc.

Changed Index Copy to Blind Mode as this makes it clearer. Blind Mode copies index to index without analyzing the data. Probably 95% of Commodore 64/128 and 99.9% of Atari ST, Amiga, TRS-80, Atari 400/800, etc. can use this mode as the the index was used to always start/stop tracks with these systems. Turning off the Blind Mode will spool 2 revolutions when copying drive to drive and calculate the write splice (where the track starts/ends). When making a flux image, 3 revolutions are spooled. For sanity sake with weakbits I thought 3 would be better.

Added support for non-Blind writing!

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