Online but not?
hi, I received my WiModem a few days ago and finally managed to get some mancave time last night to set it up. Using a few tips found in the Lemon64 forum about ASCII I eventually managed to get it online and acquire an IP using StrikeTerm.

Led is Amber and ATUPDATE works like a charm but when trying ATDT GOOGLE.COM:80 I never see  “CONNECT” and I'm not able to connect to anything else. I've made sure there's no weird content filtering or anything else on my Router that would prevent me from accessing anything on the outside so before I throw myself at this again tonight, anything obvious I've missed?  Undecided

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I will check it out... maybe google is filtering the request because a lot of people are using it.
Got it fixed, tried rather than GOOGLE.COM:80 and received a connect/green LED. We have lift-off!
Were you in graphics mode? That confusing thing about Commodore is its character set case in graphics vs. ASCII modes.

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