Can I copy a 3.5 to a d81 file ?
Got some music 3.5 1581 disc I want to copy to a D81 so I thought I use Super Card Pro.

Got Windows 10 now and when I turn it on just see's 40 tracks not 80 like it should have.

It says there is a upgrade too v1.90 to v1.91 but I can't upgrade it. Not sure if that's what's wrong.

I did update my SuperCard Pro card with the flash file.

Under drive type it only sees 5.25 drive. I do have plug in a 5.25 drive too.

I can click start copy and it works but only 42 tracks so don't real work.

Using a Panasonic JU-257A216P 3.5 drive. From what I can see in the PDF manual looks like it's the same drive they have photos in there.

Can any one help? Is there a way to copy 1581 disc to a .d81 file using Super Card Pro?

-Raymond Day
I think I got it working with my real commodore flat 128 using "cbmcmd23.d64" went on the 80 column screen, in 128 mode. I have a CMD FD-4000 and put my 1581 disc in it and have a uIEC I put the "cbmcmd23.d64" on and run it. Pressed F3 for drives and picked my FD-4000 and it showed a dir of it. Then press the reset drives on the uIEC and it went to the root folder on the uIEC and I press x to copy and typed the .d81 name and it's copying as I type this.

It does work and takes about 15 minutes to make a .D81 copy. That's using JiffyDOS too.

-Raymond Day
I don't currently have support for making .81 disk images from IBM 720K disks (which is what the 1581 drive format is).

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