Writes not working
Can you run the media integrity test on the 3.5" drive setup, and then dump that disk and send it to me?

Did you try changing the density with the pull-down menu option?
is it normal for huey to run at 80C? I brushed it with my finger when plugging in the cable and nearly got burned. direct contact thermistor says huey is running near published thermal limits for the part.

I tried both low and high density.

media integrity errors out on the first track.
The Huey chip is bad! It should run at the same termpatue as Duey (which is room temperture). That is caused by a short on the floppy bus. That could be a bad cable, cable plugged in backwards either to the SCP itself or on the drive side, or bad floppy drive. Not a problem though, I am happy to replace it. Just return it for a new one.
can't have been plugged in backwards cable. all the cables are keyed and all the drive connectors are keyed.

checked cables with multimeter. cables are good.

the only thing left is a bad drive. so i need to find out which drive damaged the scp. what lines would have to be shorted to cause damage?
Any lines that are outputs. They can't be shorted to ground. So things like step, dir, WRData, WREn, etc.

Many floppy drive cables are not keyed and can be plugged in either direction.
well whatever happened to huey wasn't a backwards cable or bad cable or bad drive. they all check out.

maybe ESD.

i just mail it back to the kiowa blvd address?
Yes, that's the correct address.
sent it back, you should receive it soon.
Already received it and shipped you a new one. You should have it by tomorrow.
replacement works! Smile

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