Problem with 360k drives
SuperCard Pro Disk Archiver v1.91 - Hardware 1.1 - Firmware 1.2

SuperCard Pro Disk Archiver v1.91 seems to have a bug with 360k 48tpi drives.

Disk Type: Atari 400/800
DriveType: 48 tpi

Make Image -> archiver reads to track 22, then starts bashing the head into the stop.

It seems the DriveType is ignored and archiver tries to always double step the head. You can see it seeking much too far per track on the 360k drive.

On 96tpi drives it works fine.

a8rawconv seems to do the right thing, stepping properly on 48tpi and 96tpi drives.
Did you change the drive type to 48TPI in the pull-down menu? The pull-down menu option is not ignored, but I can certainly check that again.
yes, it is changed to 48tpi in the pull down menu. both 96tpi and 48tpi have the same effect -- it bashes into the endstop at around track 22.
OK, I will look into it. It should single step in the 48TPI setting.
The Atari 400/800 mode is broken. This is a special case because the Atari 400/800 disks are typically single sided. I made a change to correct something else with this format and it broke the 48TPI mode. To fix this it would require a re-write of quite a bit of code. Instead of doing that I am going to release an all new version of the disk copier/imager that is track/head based instead of disk type based. This way you could imagine or copy just a single side of a disk (top or bottom). It's still compatible with the image file format though.

Until this has been released you can use the C64 mode to copy/image disks successfully with 48TPI drives. The disk format really just determines the max tracks, number of heads, etc... and nothing to do with the actual copying. Flux is flux, no matter what disk is there.
any idea when the new version will be available?
I thought I had already fixed this. I will check.
(10-08-2016, 09:14 PM)admin Wrote: I thought I had already fixed this. I will check.

any news?
I had no problem making images with a 48TPI drive. You can also use the program a8rawConv to make images, including those for Atari emulators.

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