Maximum track test question
I have several Tandon TM-100 2A drives (360k; DSDD), as are commonly found on early IBM PC and XT computers.  After cleaning I test them with the SuperCard Pro software to check rotational speed and variance, and maximum track.  

Recently two of these have stepped out to track 43 or 44 and then, when the head carriage seems to reach the rail limit the software counter "jumps" briefly to 80 and then reports maximum track 79.  I am using the latest update to SCP software, V 1.91, updated a few days ago.

What should I conclude, if anything, from these results?  I found an article on-line that suggested checking the clamp screw on the stepper motor spindle, but that is tight.

Thanks for your reply,

Yeah, it sounds like something is slipping!

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