Typical mini-ITX/ATX case setup
You can use a variety of mini-ITX/ATX cases for your FPGA Arcade Replay board.  Make sure AC power is not plugged into the case during installation!


Using my PC Power Supply Controller board, you can control the power supply to turn it on/off and even do a 'reset' (which turns off the power supply for 3 seconds and then turns it back on).  You plug the power supply's 24 pin ATX connector into the PC Power Supply Controller board, then you plug in power switch, reset switch, power LED, and HDD LED.  Mount the PC Power Supply Controller board to a spare mounting post.


Route the wiring neatly!


Attach the back plate to the FPGA Arcade Replay board.  You will need to remove the screw posts from the two DB9 port connectors.  Re-use two of those screw posts to hold the DB9 connectors to the back plate.  Use the two new screw posts (included with the back plate) to hold the DVI connector to the back plate.  Use the remaining screw (also included with the back plate) to hold the back plate above the audio connector.  Once the back plate is attached properly, place the board next to the opening so you can determine the exact fitting.



You can power the FPGA Arcade Replay board either by using one of the 4 pin molex connectors (typically used for 5.25" disk drives and older hard drives) coming out of the power supply, or by using an adapter from the PC Power Supply Controller board.



Push the back plate assembly into the opening in the case.  The back plate will snap in place.  Note that the mounting posts in the case should line up with at least one screw hole on each side of the FPGA Arcade Replay board.  I have found that MOST cases do not have the proper mounting post height!  You may need to use a plastic spacer between the FPGA Arcade Replay board and the mounting post.  DO NOT mount the FPGA Arcade Replay board at an angle!  You need to make sure it is mounted flat.  Look through the mounting holes, and if you see space, you WILL need a spacer.  DO NOT use a metal washer!  I use plastic washers obtained from ACE Hardware.  They are about 1/8" thick, 1/4" in diameter with a 1/8" hole.  Too big of diameter washer will hit the through-hole parts on the bottom of the board.

Once you have the positioning and spacing correct, use screws to hold the FPGA Arcade Replay board in place.

Attach the AC power to the case's power supply.   Press and HOLD the power button for a few seconds.  The power supply should turn on and the LEDs on the FPGA Arcade Replay should light up.  If the LEDs don't light up, check the position the slide switch on the FPGA Arcade Replay board.  It should be slid closet to the center of the board to turn it on.

NOTE:  without a SD media card containing the basic software, there will be NO video output!  You must setup a SD media card!
Realize this is a bit old - but my first crack at a mini itx case was not successful (IN-WIN Computer Case BP655.FH300TB - the width of the opening for the back plane wasn't wide enough because of the joystick ports)
Do you recall what case this was? Or is there any specific MITX case you prefer?
Also do you know when you might get more backplanes in stock?

I got this case from a seller on eBay.  Any mini (not micro) ATX or ATX case should work.

I don't have an ETA for more back plates.  I didn't receive any back plates with the last batch of boards that I got from Mike.  I only had a dozen or so back plates left over from previous batches, and those went quickly.

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