Updating firmware

I'm trying to update to firmware 1.2 (my SCP uses 1.1 atm).

The SCP is correctly detected by the update software. After pressing the Flash Device Button, the process runs until the end and displays the message 'Flash complete!'.

But the firmware stays at version 1.1. I tried several time (as admin/as non admin/after rebooting the computer). It's always the same results: the card is still under version 1.1.

I use Windows 10 / 64 bits / latest version (1511) and my card works fine.

Thanks for any kind of helpĀ  Confused
Hmm. If the process goes through then it did flash the board. I will flash a board to v1.1 and try it. So far, nobody has reported this issue and I am sure that a lot of people have upgraded.

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