Suggestion for addition to SCP file format

A suggestion for an addition to the .scp file format: Add a field for an arbitrary comment. You could put that directly after the current last field (timestamp).

My use for that would be to record the drive make/model/serial number used for reading the disk. And maybe some notes about that specific disk (e.g. when/where bought from, whether known to be modified, etc.).

Or perhaps have a general extensible extra data system to allow programs to handle extra data even if they don't understand that specific entry. So you could have a field type followed by byte length then the field data (the comment text in this case). Hmm, that sounds a bit like the IFF specification... Smile

Also a little question about the timestamp field. Is the time supposed to be UTC or the user's local time? And what zero-padding is supposed to be used? In scp_image_specs.txt one example given is "1/05/2014 5:15:21 PM"

I assume the date format is the American type, i.e. day/month/year? Is the day supposed to be not-zero-padded (for days 1-9) but the month field is?

(If I were (re)designing the format, I'd probably have the time field contain a string conforming to ISO 9601...)

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