5.25" PC drives
SuperCard Pro does not currently (and may not ever) support the flippy mod. I have never found the flippy modded drives to be as reliable as flipping the disk over.
I'm confused. They're sold here: https://www.cbmstuff.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=60 . and you said in the thread that you recommend them?

"I can personally recommend these drives - they are what I used for developing SuperCard Pro!"
(09-24-2019, 10:00 AM)oggie Wrote: Interesting. so if you use a double sided drive (panasonic ju-475 for example) to read a c64 disk, it can, in theory read both sides at once, correct? but if you do, the back side will be incorrect due to this offset. So if you `flippy mod` the drive, it will allow you to copy both side of a c64 disk without having to physically rotate the disk in the drive and therefore create 1 image for both sides at once. But if you don't mod the drive, you will have to manually flip the disk over and create two images?

A certain group of people insist on archiving with flippy modded drives "because that is how many programs were mastered".

The SCP does (I think, I have never tried it) support dumping the flux from a flippy modded drive, but does not support decoding any data from the second side.

But when archiving a small number of crufty unimportant flippy disks, it is simpler to just punch a second index hole and flip it over.
I *like* the Panasonic JU-475 disk drives.  That is what I use.  I even have a "flippy modded" version.  I just turn the disk over to make copies of the backside of the disk.  No need to punch a hole.  These drives will read the backside when you turn off the index requirement in the SCP software.  You also have to make sure that the 'DX' jumper is removed, and a jumper is on the 'EX' position.  That jumper setting lets the drive ignore that there is no index pulse so back side reading/writing works.
ok. So with my ju-475 (which isn't flippy moded) I don't need to punch the hole, correct? I just need to set the correct jumper when I flip it over?

Just for clarity, how exactly do you punch that hole? do you have a jig that allows you to get it correct?It looks like it would be quite easy to damage the magnetic media if you're not careful...
Also, I don't see a `DX` jumper on the ju-475-3 drive. Is it labelled something else?
I am using a JU-475-4 drive. I have not looked at the -3 model. It may not have a DX jumper. 'EX' is the jumper that allows the reading/writing without the index mark. The DX jumper is a speed jumper (which is ignored) so it is just convenient to remove that jumper and place it on the EX position.
Ok. The ju475-3 has BX jumper - double speed. Anyway, I'm putting mine in a case, and will wire up a switch to the EX jumper.

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