Wireless Adapter Mainboard dongle - pairable With other Bluetooth device?
In the latest update #44 there is talk of an off campaign wireless dongle to attack to commodore computers to enable communication with a wireless blingbox or keyboard.

Would this dongle be able to handle additional Bluetooth device such as joystick?

Would it be pairable with other Bluetooth keyboards?

Thanks for any upcoming info on this, it seems like another exciting product.
The wireless dongle is technically capable of having Bluetooth, but that is much slower (latency wise) than another method that you can use when communicating between the BlingBox™ or the Blingboard64 and the wireless adapter. I suppose we could pair this with another Bluetooth keyboard but that is not the intention of these dongles.

The dongles are strictly for keyboard emulation, since you need a physical connection for a joystick device.

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