BBSes with cursor navigation menus not working
(11-25-2022, 12:59 PM)admin Wrote: After a lot of experimenting I ended up adding support for 4 more Telnet commands and I got the cursor to work, but there are some issues overall that is going to require re-writing the entire Telnet parser to handle varying length Telnet commands.  So, this is going to take a bit of time.

I too look forward to any possible fix your able to do Jim.  As I am having all the exact issues as Chaniyth described, I contacted you by email a couple months ago about this as you might remember. I do run a Mystic BBS and also call out to many other Mystic BBSes and the wimodem 232 v2 I bought from you works great on everything except the menus on Mystic that require arrow keys and such.  For myself that is a big deal as Mystic is very arrow key driven on the backend system alone.  I have not used the WiModem 232 since early Nov but will try playing with it again as I really prefer it over my other options.  

Thanks for all the great work your doing!

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