'no router located' with Google Nest wifi mesh.
(08-04-2021, 02:43 AM)admin Wrote: The AT*REBOOT command was removed.

AT&F works fine. I actually use it for every single WiModem232 before it ships.  The baud rate is NOT immediately reset when you use AT&F.  Power off the modem and power it back on and it will then be at 300 baud.

Make sure that you don't have a firewall in your router - and that you don't have a PiHole setup without an exclusion.

I like the reboot, and a power off would be neat to. 
I love the ring led flashing indicator its awesome. Also the connect time. I had to give them up, i explain why below.  I know I need another wimodem232 so I can explore slip cslip and possibly pppp servers builds and implementation. 
Thanks for the info about the at&f. I thought my modem had  corruption in firmware or hardware so I feel better knowing it's normal. I have so much to explore with wimodem232 and serial connections. 

Well I downgraded the firmware to 3.41 after a couple of tests. 

My wimodem232 still works which is great. 

Using firmware 4.10 trying to connect to an airmesh setup the wimodem can't locate the router for connecting. 
It scans it and sees a matching set of SSIDs with different value for dbs without a problem. So there is some issue what I believe at the SSID. When it sees two of the same SSID it errors with cannot locate router. 
Now when I turn off one of the routers wimodem232 connects to the same SSID no problem. 

Firmware 3.41 doesn't seem to have an issue with my airmesh. 

Admin, have you tested wimodem232 with wifi mesh setups?
I think more of them will be appearing in the future.

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