C64 Floppy's and Mitsubishi M4854-362US
Hello everyone,
thank you for taking the time to read this. I am a beginner in 5,25 Floppy Tech and appreciate every little bit of help I can get. 

What I try to Accomplish:
- Make Backups a Stack of c64 Floppy Disks, to Save their Content.
- maybe be able to access the content in a Emulator so i can look what is on there

What i have as Hardware:
- A Super Card Pro
- a 64 Bit PC with Windows 10
- a Mitsubishi Model M4854-362US
- about 100 Floppy Discs from my Dads C64

- I found the Description of the Drive I am using: https://retrocmp.de/fdd/mitsubi/m4854_i.htm
It also shows the Jumper settings and what they mean. (Sadly I barely understand them)

- 2 Documents of this Forum. Super Card Pro - Using with Commodore 64 / 128 disks and 5.25 Jumpers

The problem:
I am Able to Read the Frontside of a C64 Floppy and make a Backup of it as a .D64 File. I am also able to "Read" the Files with a Program called "DirMaster v3.1.5"
Trying to read the Backside only shows me Read Errors. I have set the Drive Options to ignore Index on Read. Before doing that i got an Error saying no index found.
Now the Drive Reads the discs but only with errors. I guess it has something to do with Jumpers. But to be Honest. I don't understand the Jumper Settings and i am afraid to mess something up. on https://retrocmp.de/fdd/mitsubi/m4854_i.htm there is a Guide to the Jumpers. But I don't Understand it and like I said I don't want to ruin the Drive. I Included the following Pictures, maybe someone can help me.

Thank you in advance for every little bit of help 
Friendly greetings 

Dir Master from the Frontside of the Disk that was Successful
[Image: 41256816lu.png]

SCP of the Backside:
[Image: 41256815lp.png]

Pictures of the Drive:
[Image: 41256883mi.jpg]
[Image: 41256882tw.jpg]
[Image: 41256881sb.jpg]
[Image: 41256880ow.jpg]
[Image: 41256884pz.jpg]

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