Are there any non-standard/undocumented things to try (setting up BBS)
I have my Paragon BBS backup from the early 90's and for years I've tried to get it online with different setups, I believe I've used 100 hours with no success. Finally I bought the WiModem232 even though it was a bit expensive (+150usd with all the taxes and stuff) but I just still can't get it working. I am pretty sure I have tried anything and everything but still no. Best I've achieved is a few lines from the BBS and then disconnect. More on that in EAB,

Anyway. Back in the day I had the cheapest 2400bps modem, a self made cable (naturally I don't know the connections any more, but something very basic it had to be) and an init string of "ATH0 S0=1 X1 V0 S7=9 S9=25 S10=14 M0 L &D2". Now that I just can't get it to work (more specific description in the link above) I was wondering if there is anything rare/undocumented/nonstandard solution I could try to get things going. The Paragon BBS seems to be quite rare so nobody knows anything about it so maybe it has some special functionality and/or maybe the Asta 2400BPS modem had something strange in it which made the BBS work.

If none can be found, then I think there is nothing more to try than manually emulating DCD DTR etc signals of a modem with a null-cable between two Amigas and hopefully finding that way what the BBS wants.

And one thing. Should there ever be signal on the Ring Indicator pin? I am not sure it it's important in my case (default setup be'ing ATS0=1 but S0=0 with ATA also possible) but that pin never anything else then 0.00v.

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