Got the error "SuperCard Hardware in Update Mode" with normal jumper setting.
Received my SuperCard Pro last month and opened the sealed package today for testing.

But I got a very similar problem like the described in this thread:

As you mentioned in the post that all boards sold recently should have no need for updating before using. I have not done any further firmware flashing works yet though I have tested switching to the jumper setting for firmware updating mode. I can see the blue light list. I then switched back to the normal jumper setting and write this post.

Test environment:
1. Win10 x64 1909 (18363.1082) (Simplified Chinese Edition). Native PC, not virtual machining.
2. Win7 x64 SP1 (Simplified Chinese Edition). Virtual Machine running in VMWare Pro v15.5.2
1.In both test environments, SuperCard Pro shows 2 green lights(the upper led near the USB, and the middle led near 3.5inch power)
2.In both test environments, the Windows Device Manager shows the "USB Serial Converter" device on USB cable connected with no error mark on the icon.
3.In my test, I connect a 3.5-inch NEC drive. Power is supplied through the SuperCard Pro 3.5-inch power output pin. But no matter I connect the drive or not it won't affect the testing result. The error "SuperCard Hardware in Update Mode" always popup after the splash screen.


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