Drive not recognised - cable problem?
Just wanted to add some info to this discussion.  I have this same floppy drive (and many others).  This drive works just fine with the SuperCard Pro.

I wouldn't waste your time getting another cable.  The typical PC floppy cable with 3.5 & 5.25 will not solve your problem, there is nothing special about those cables.  The "connectors" are simply in parallel with each other, twist or not.  I repair floppy drives and make normal (and custom) floppy cables all the time.

So, what you need is EXTERNAL power.  The Sony drive is clearly labeled with the power requirements; 5v @ 960ma.  That's almost a 1 amp!  If you add the 50ma the SCP requires, that's twice what the USB port will provide.  Solve this problem first.


I never ever ever rely on USB for power, for anything.  Just bad practice, unless you like troubleshooting and intermittent issues a lot.

Find yourself something like this (it is what I use):

Hope you get your drive problems resolved.  The SCP and this drive work just fine on my setup, and it should for you too!



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