Creating TRS80 Copy Protected Floppies
Yes, and no.  Yes, it is possible to convert images to something SuperCard Pro can use.  However, SuperCard Pro's software won't do it natively because it is not a disk converter.  It is a flux copier/imager, designed to be used to archive your disk collection.  You can use a variety of tools out there that will generate .scp image files (from various image formats) that SuperCard Pro can write back to a real disk.  HxC Floppy Drive Emulator software can do this, but there is currently a bug where .dsk and .dmk images are converted into 20 track/2 head images.  They should be 40 track/1 head images.  I am in contact with Jeff about this issue and I am sure he will correct it.  At that point you can use that program to convert any existing .dsk or .dmk images to .scp images.

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