Odd things I have noticed with the software
I have noticed a few minor oddities in the SCP software.
  • There is no option to select a 3.5" dive. This was answered in another thread recently that it was not needed as the SCP will figure out what is attached. This make sense but is still confusing from a User Interface point of view. Maybe having it display that a 3.5" drive with 720K or 1.44mb disk inserted would make sense.
  • Several times the software seems to 'get stuck' in one mode or another. For example I was trying to write a 720K IBM image to a 3.5" floppy last evening. I would select 720K IBM and then load the image and it would switch back to C64. I finally had to close it and reopen to get it to work correctly.
  • When you start up the SC software and it detects an update is available, and you install said update when it tries to restart it will show a message box that says, "The SCP software is already running" (or there about). You can reopen the SCP software manually after that.

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