"Supercard Hardware in Update Mode" despite not
Hi, I've just got my Supercard Pro, updated the firmware to 1.2.
However there are a lot of strange things going on, rendering it unusable.
To be specific, first this is what the firmware update reports when I enter update mode:
I unplugged the flash jumper, powered off and turn SCP on again, now the green light on board is lit up
But when I launch SCP.exe, it throws this error at me:
If I remove jumper J1, the green light will turn off, but SCP.exe will launch with this error:
Click "OK" and now SCP software loads up, however it reports Hardware and Firmware versions as "0.0", and nothing works:

I've tried changing USB ports, changing OSes, and re-flashing SCP, none of which worked.

Could you look into the issue? Thank you very much.

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