What am I doing wrong ? Disk Media Test
The test is valid.  You can look at the results yourself by doing the test and looking at track 0, head 0 with the editor analyzer.  Read the track and click on DISPLAY FLUX.  You should see perfectly straight band.  If you see a band that is wavy, then that would indicate a drive speed problem (which would show up as bad media).

You could always do the media test (ignoring all of the failures and letting it proceed completely) and then make an image of the disk and send to me - data @ cbmstuff.com and I can look at it to determine if your media is really bad or if its a drive speed issue.

The media test expects the thin straight band as the test result, and that really needs to occur in order to be able to make good images and disks.  So, regardless of the reason that needs to be corrected.

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