What am I doing wrong ? Disk Media Test
Hi Jim ..
hope you can cure my stupidity on this one.
I recently aquired a large box of 'used' 720k floppies as used previously on Amiga computers.
Obviously I dont want to just use them before I've weeded out any damaged or unuseable disks.
Then I remembered seeing a Disk Media Test button in the utils section of SCP software.
Thats what I need I thought.
I've never used this before but appeared to be a good time to try it.
The floppies as I said are used but blank.
I tried at least 20 expecting some sort of write test ...then a read to confirm which are good.
Drive one selected which is the 3.5" unit in my 2 drive unit (drive 0 being a 5.25" )
But nothing runs ..the floppies dont spin up ..nothing happens at all ..just a fail message every time ?
The computer I'm using runs windows 7.
..and I have made many images previously of commercial Amiga game floppies in .scp ..so I know the unit/drive works ok.
What am I doing or _not_ doing that I should be.
kind regards
Evan aka VS
No doubt it is my stupidity for not understanding.

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