New WiMondem user with a few questions
Making real progress now! I reset to factory default and was able to connect to a telnet board at 9600 with flow control on in CCGMS and not get any corruption. at*help! works fine too. I was also able to connect to Neo Habitat all the way through and play the game today for the first time.

In 128 mode, DesTerm v3 is still locking up when I try to enable flow control. I tried both *c0/*d0 as well as *c1/*d1 when enabling &k1. In the best case, it continues to accept at commands, but nothing displays on screen (if I type at&v or connect to my telnet server). Worst case, it still locks up. I have tried setting the terminal's flow control to none, xon/xoff, and cts/dts to no effect.

One last observation. It seems some terminal programs, when running, drop keystrokes if I type too fast (at a speed that would be fine in basic). Is that just a factor of the processor being overtaxed? Keyboard-related: at one point at the basic prompt, I was unable to type the letter O (and a few other characters), even after numerous hard reboots. After reseating the WiModem, I was able to type them again. Does this signify some issue with my C128's user port or perhaps just a remnant of the hardware flow control testing I was doing?


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