New WiMondem user with a few questions
I use CCGMS with the C64. You can run that at 2400 baud without flow control. If you use 9600 baud you will need to enable flow control. A good test would be to run CCGMS in C64 mode, change the baud rate to 9600 baud (AT*B9600) and then press F7 to go to the settings menu and then select 9600 baud with the UP9600 support. Exit out and you should be able to type. Then you can enable RTS/CTS flow control using AT&K1. The C64 terminal programs are all backwards from normal. The default values for AT*C and AT*D are correct, don't change them in C64 mode (probably C128 mode as well) or it will most definitely lock up! The only time you need to change these really is when using Commodore Server's 38400 driver because it uses the industry standard polarity for these. You can tell if flow control is enabled and working because if you type AT*HELP! you should see the help menu without any type of skipped characters. If you don't have flow control enabled it is going to look like junk!

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