New WiMondem user with a few questions
You need to enable flow control when using a baud rate higher than 1200 baud.  Also remember that any protocol that expects an ACK within a certain time frame is not going to work.  The reason is that protocols like Zmodem need less than 50ms of response time.  If your 'ping time' to/from the server you are connecting to is >50ms then you are going to have nothing but problems with downloads.  You should use X-Modem CRC, X-Modem 1K, or Y-ModemG.  All of these have long delays.  There is nothing that can be done about using certain protocols because we are not using a hard wired connection like a phone line.

Your other issues:

1) Make sure that that Q-Link server is actually up.  It's down a LOT.

2) I have not had any reports of this.  Keep in mind that it needs to be setup just like Q-Link.

3) Anything drive related has nothing to do with the WiModem.

4) If  your flow control locks up then your terminal program is probably backwards for flow control.  I know that one of the terminals where you load the UP9600 driver externally has a bug where you need to select X-On/off instead the RTS/CTS.

You might want to unplug the Pi1541 and try this with real hardware.  I am not sure how much the SRQ support with the Pi1541 is going to be affected by the UP9600 hack in C128 mode.

It sounds like the WiModem is working, especially if you can use 38400 baud and such.  You just have to deal with the limitations of the internet.

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