Apple /// and WiModem232
I have been trying to use the WiModem232 with my Apple /// via its built-in RS-232C port and the results have been...'mixed' at best.  First in terms of installation, I am plugging the WiModem232 directly into the port via a gender changer, i.e. no cabling involved.  In terms of Apple /// software, I use XModem ///, set to 300 bauds, 8 bits no parity, half duplex an line feed.  I can tell that the WiModem232 is receiving the commands sent from Xmodem /// as an AT*UPDATE will trigger the firmware update as expected.  However none of the other AT commands (e.g. AT, ATI, etc.) output any messages to the screen.  The only thing that works as expected is ATDT which enables me to access a BBS, e.g.  The only problem once I am connected to a BBS is that it seems that auto-echo is enabled as each character that I type on the keyboard is repeated on the screen.  Has anyone had any luck connecting the WiModem232 to an Apple ///?

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