WiModem with 3.0 gets connected but loses connection
(12-14-2018, 11:45 PM)admin Wrote: Just do a reset to defaults using AT&F<RETURN>.

That will restore everything back to defaults.  It could be the terminal program is looking at the carrier detect or something, which is changed as part of allowing Q-Link to run.

You can always go backwards in firmware to the previous version by typing AT*DOWNGRADE<RETURN>.

So I tried the AT&F and it didn't fix the issue.   I also did the AT*DOWNGRADE.  Still had problem after downgrade to 2.XX version. So I did and upgrade firmware to get it back to 3.0x.  Still same issue exist after firmware upgrade.

It's strange, cause when I change the baud rate to anything above 300bps it screws up the ANSI/ASCII in graphic or terminal mode.  I can not get it to put our regular commands... like ATI... it comes out likle xxx instead.

I will try to get a picture to you on it.


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