WiModem232 (Jim Drew) Problem with C64

i get the WiModem232 and i want to use this one with a CMD Turbo232.

At the moment I'm using Turbo232 with a R232->USB Adapter to the PC and with tcpser and it works fine.
But now it want to use WiModem232 but it doesnt work.

I connecting the WiModem232 to the Turbo232 (Yes, there is power at the Wimodem232) and i'm loading a Terminal Programm like Striketerm. I choose 300Baud, ANSI Terminal, and Turbo232 as Driver....

But i couldnt enter any Commands at the Terminal? No response..
And i try it also with Novaterm .. 

Any Idea?

regards pcollins

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