Terminal program not detect the WIFIModem232
If you are on a Windows PC, Windows will not "find" the modem as the modem is not a USB device.  

Assuming you have a Windows computer, you can have a COM port in one of two most probable ways.  One way, you have an older PC that has a COM port on the card or back of the case.  If that is the case, then you should be able to plug directly into it.  Also, if you have an older PC, there may be a chance you need to go into the BIOS to turn that port on.  Make sure you plugged it into a serial port and not a parallel (LPT) port.

The other option is if you have a newer USB to serial cable.  I've not played with that route.

Myself, I have a newer Windows PC and I bought a serial card for the computer.  I then had to get the correct cable for it.

Also, keep in mind, someplace in your terminal program you will need to initially set the baud rate at 300 baud.

Let others here know what software you are using and what kind of computer you have and they may be able to guide you a bit.

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