*BL (Buffer Limit Command)
(02-20-2018, 09:02 AM)admin Wrote: The BL just sets the maximum number of bytes that are allowed to arrive at the WiModem232 before it changes CTS to stop the computer from sending any more data to it.  I have never actually seen a need for this, and this was just left over from testing.  The BL option can probably be removed and left hard coded at default.

Do you have a RTS/CTS cable?  Are you using AT&K1 to enable the hand shaking?

I am using AT&K1 and with Tim's Port program and the same cable configuration, it works fine.

As far as whether it is a RTS/CTS cable, I am going to have to go and dig further into how it was wired up.  I'm just not sure.


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