Curious about latest firmware (v2.30)
(01-15-2018, 10:32 AM)admin Wrote: For the C64, you will have to load a "DOS wedge", which intercepts the LOAD command and then will load/save from the WiModem232 instead a C64 storage device.  I am not sure if something similar can be done with other computer systems.  For the Amiga, a standard device driver is used.

The TI-99/4A would require the code be burned on an Eprom.  For the Geneve 9640, it would require an update to the operating system to support another device.  It can be done, but there is probably only one or two people left in the community that could make those necessary changes and I doubt there is enough interest in that direction to make it happen when most of us already have hard drives.

For the TI-99/4A, fewer people have hard drives, so "mass" storage devices would be more welcome.


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