Using WiModem232 with TCP/IP stack?
(01-06-2018, 01:02 PM)Frogking Wrote: I'm wondering if the WiModem232 can be used to connect to the Internet on an Amiga using a TCP/IP stack (Genesis, AmiTCP, Roadshow, etc) so the Amiga can be fully "online" to use web browsers and other tools?  If it looks like a regular modem to the Amiga, is there a way to configure it like a PPP dialup connection?  If so, this would be a giant boon for anyone that can't afford a network card yet still wants to get their Amiga online.

That's what I've been trying to do on and off for a few weeks now.

I have an Amiga 2000 (with '030 card) running TermiteTCP, TermiteTelnet, and have IBrowse for browsing.  This was my exact set up as it was 20 years ago that worked fine when calling into work and logging into a CHAP/PPP session when using a US Robotics Sportster modem.

Now I've created a Linux droplet on DigitalOcean where I have a special login that starts the pppd daemon.  I've gotten far enough that I can get TermiteTCP to successfully initiate a PPP session and then I can start running TermiteTelnet to allow me to login to servers on the 'net via a successful DNS lookup and running Telnet over the TCP/IP connection (which is running over PPP running over telnet running over the Wimodem232  Smile ).  However, it isn't fully working yet.  At some point the Telnet sessions always hang in various repeatable ways, and I also haven't been able to get IBrowse to load and display a page yet.  I'm currently studying the PPP logs of the bytes exchanged to find out what is happening when the sessions hang.

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