WiModem232 and ProTERM 3.1 for Apple II
Unfortunately trying to do this makes my modem break. Once I issue the at&c1 command it stops displaying anything. (I reset with AT&F, then switched my terminal to 300 81N, and restarted the modem. At this point it doesn't echo back text I type, and it doesn't send responses to the screen, until I connect to something like google.com:80 and at that point I can use +++ to enter command mode and I can type things. I then set the modem up as you suggested with ATX1&C1&K1 and at that point it stops talking to me altogether. I can see that it still accepts commands because it will say "connected" and so forth if I connect to a site, but it never echoes what I type, gives me feedback from commands I enter, or displays any incoming text from whatever I'm connected to. Some Terminal Programs won't even open at this point. This is very similar to what I experienced early on with the modem. However, probably it's not right for me to hijack this thread! I'll get it set back up the way I had it before. (ATX4&D2&C0*D0*T1E0) (I have no idea why but when I had Echo turned on I was having problems issuing commands. Not sure if I was imagining things or not though. Probably was.)
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