WiModem232 and ProTERM 3.1 for Apple II
Regrettably, I am experiencing inconsistent behavior with ProTERM 3.1 on my IIGS (ROM 03). I am on the latest firmware from what I can tell. The unit doesn't display any new update notices and AT*UPDATE doesn't download new firmware. I am using a straight-through, IIGS Modem cable which I've used for other applications without issue.

I am using the Generic 9600 Modem Driver and am leaving the init string as-is.  

I have two BBSs setup in the Dial menu, Dura-Europos and Sanctum.

In each case, I use the Dial menu, choose either BBS, and Dial.

With Dura-Europos, most of the time ProTERM drops into Online mode after connection. When it does, Dura cannot detect my terminal emulation properly even though that is set in the Emulation entry on the Dial screen. Since Dura asks me during connection what kind of terminal I use, I will choose the proper one. Typically, I am using ProTERM Special. After I disconnect from the BBS gracefully ('T' for Terminal Connection at the BBS's main menu), ProTERM goes Offline properly.

In the case of Sanctum, the WiModem232 shows connected on the OLED display but ProTERM never goes online. It will sit there and re-dial forever. I can cancel and put myself online (option-T) and then interact with the BBS. Again, the emulation mode is set to ProTERM Special.

I've reset the unit's configuration a couple of times, although I don't seem to be able to find a way to fully erase it. The hard or soft reset keeps some information around, including the Wifi connection information. I must have missed something in the manual though. And since this is a IIGS, there are no dip-switches to throw or set.

In case anyone cares to try, these BBS addresses are:




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