WiModem232 and ProTERM 3.1 for Apple II
I found ProTERM3.1 and the manual for it. Looking at the manual, it seems that there is a command SYnc that will try to negotiate the baud rate and change it. It's part of the logon macro system. Are you using this command?

Also, the manual states for the "Hayes Smartmodem 2400" driver - "The CONNECT message allows the call to fallback to a lower baud rate". I wonder if because it doesn't see "CONNECT 2400" that it automatically switches the speed back to 300 baud ("CONNECT" is the default message for 300 baud). Hayes specification says that only the word CONNECT should be shown on a connection, unless the X parameter is set to (ATX1). That turns on extended response codes which will include the baud rate on the connection message. I support the switch of X0/X1, but I don't actually have the extended codes implemented yet. I will work on that.

Try the "Generic 2400 baud Driver" option to see if that works.

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