WiModem232 and ProTERM 3.1 for Apple II
Hey guys,

First of all, this is an awesome modem and everything works fine for me in Terminal Mode.  I'm having some issues using the Hayes drivers for ProTERM however.  With Paul Rickard's WiFi232 Modem, I could select the Hayes SmartModem 2400 driver and use AT as my Initialization string, allowing me to use the Dial command from ProTERM's menu and use macros to sign on.

With the WiModem232, the AT initialization string (and any other initialization string for that matter) fails every time at launch.  If I then go online and try the Dial command from the ProTERM menu, it connects and the BBS starts to load a few lines but then changes from 2400 baud to 300 baud and hangs.  I have to go under Online Parameters and change the baud rate back to 2400, then everything is fine.

Please see attached pictures.  Jim thinks it may be related to the DCD line.  Does anyone have a fix?


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