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Zeropage Wrote:
rurbaniak Wrote:I tried to setup the WiModem with Multi Term 4.7, but wasn't having any luck.  It's top baud rate is 1200, and I set it to Hayes compatible, but I get nothing back when in the ASCII term and enter ATI.  

It's the only program I have at the moment,  found it on my 5.25 floppy from the old days.  I have a UII+ on order, but that'll be a while.  

Any ideas?

if you have no way to transfer stuff onto your c64 at the moment you could type in a short listing from the programmers reference guide


it would be a very basic terminal but at least it would allow you to send AT commands to the device and change the baud rate

The listing is for 300 baud, but there is a lookup table above it showing the value you need to set for 2400 baud. (chr(10)) I think

Oh, good idea, thanks.

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