SX-64 Kill Wimodem??
I don't think that's possible. The RF module not connecting to your router has nothing to do with the WiModem or its interface.

However, MAKE SURE that you are entering the AT comamnd, router name, and password correctly. This is something that people frequently get wrong, and if you changed your router or something and had to re-establish the connection, it might be the problem.

To properly connect to your router, your terminal software MUST BE in standard ASCII mode - not CBM graphics mode. In this mode, everything you type will be lower case unless you press the SHIFT key along with a key. Once you are in this mode, you must type the following:

AT*SSID [router name],[password] <RETURN>

For example, if your router name was "MyRouter" and your password was "aBc12345" you would need to type this exactly as shown below:

AT*SSID MyRouter,aBc12345

You can NOT use any lower case characters for the AT command. So, this would not work:

at*ssid MyRouter,aBc12345

The "AT*SSID" must be all upper case, or the router will never be found. I just recently changed this with the v1.8 firmware so you could use lower case characters, but firmware v1.7 and earlier absolutely requires upper case characters for AT commands.

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