2 Floppy connected to 2 I/O card dumper
Hi !

I order last days (not again receive) a SuperCard Pro
because I think it's a very Great card like Kryoflux (I have also it).
I dump a lot of floppy (Atari, Amiga and Amstrad)

Actualy, I have two floppy (3p and 3p 1/2), (CPC and PC)
connected to the same cable (but 2 connectors) at my kryoflux.

the question is :

It's possible to connect in parallel this 2 floppy to the kryoflux AND SCP.

[-----] to 3p floppy (CPC)
[-----] to 3p 1/2 floppy (PC)
[-----] to Kryoflux
[-----] to Scp

I ask this question to another guy (electronics engineer)
and he told me about : High impedance in standby (if, yes, no problem)

thks a lot
Work Together is the better idea to make the futur

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