Latest beta - changes
Release v1.07
  • Fixed problem in analyzer with SYNC values larger than 1 word in length.
  • Fixed display in analyzer when SYNC value is never found.
  • Added No-Flip (Flippy modded) drive support to the analyzer. You can use either the Panasonic or Teac drives. Panasonic drives use the -4 track setting and Teac drives use the +4 setting. Once Flip-It mod is selected, the head can be selected in the Media Controls (along with the track). Please note that the flux data is shown in the reverse order because the disk is spinning backwards for the opposite side.
  • Fixed drive to drive copies in splice mode to use no more than 2 revs.
  • Changed minimum firmware requirement to v0.9.
  • Fixed full weakbit tracks generating error with C64 disks in analyzer.
  • Fixed huge bugs in the Splice (old non-blind) copy mode. The drive to drive was completely broken, and the image to drive had numerous little issues.
  • Fixed minimum and maximum bitcell times shown on the flux display. The drive speed was not factored in previously.
  • Changed draw mode for lines used in the flux display so that flux data OR's with the line instead of XOR'ing it.
  • Added code to the Find Invalid button in the analyzer for FM and MFM formats - previously only C64 disks were supported.
  • Fixed a problem when jumping between Flux/FM/MFM/GCR modes in the analyzer.
Release v1.08
  • Fixed problem in analyzer with SYNC values where weakbits are encountered.
  • Added ADF image creation support!
  • Made new config variable for storing path for ADF images.
  • Adjusted MFM decoding values for Amiga disks in analyzer.
  • Fixed issue with copier when starting from head 1.
  • Changed Flux Image to G64 conversion so it uses the source and target windows to show progress during the conversion.
Release v1.09
  • Added Flux Image to ADF image support, including batch support.
  • Changed G64 batch support to show all tracks before clearing windows.
  • Interface button condition clean up.
  • Reduced memory usage.
Release v1.10
  • Split read/write window routines to independently control their properties (allowing them to be cleared individually).
  • Fixed clearing read window when data should remain.
  • Added drive speed test to the drive/disk utilities.
Release v1.20
  • Disabled various boxes when G64 and MNIB image files are loaded. You can only view the GCR contents, nothing else is possible.
  • Changed "Write Image" to "Write Track", which is what the function has always been. Please note that writing of an image file will write only to unit 0!
  • Misc. cleanups to prevent various errors in the editor/analyzer.
Release v1.30
  • Fixed an issue identifying firmware versions above 0.99 (needed for v1.0 firmware).
Release v1.40
  • Optimized some of the code for handling highlighting.
  • Added start, end, and length information to block highlighting.
Release v1.50
  • Added error detection (without a trap) for files that already exist. This reduced the code size.
  • Changed the WRITE TRACK option in the analyzer to write to the first drive in the list of devices.
Release v1.51
  • Fixed issue with viewing no flux areas in analyzer with MFM mode.
Release v1.60
  • Capped track length for .G64 conversions to not exceed the max track length (needed for attempting .G64 conversions of non-index'd disks - which you shouldn't be attempting).

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