Latest beta - changes
Beta .97
  • Fixed problem image file creation that was introduced in v0.96.
Beta .98
  • Fixed problem .g64 image file creation with new image file format.
  • Increased buffer size from 64MB to 100MB to allow for huge flux images. I need to change this buffer size to be based on the number of revolutions, instead of hard coding it!
Beta .99
  • Changed the analyzer's MFM display back to MFM... it was showing FM as a test I was doing and I forgot to switch it back.
Release v1.00
  • Fixed buffer length issue when switching between MFM and Flux data.
  • Reset frame name when switching between drive and images.
  • Enabled disk utilities.
  • Made one ReadTrack() routine that is shared with the analyzer and disk utilities.
  • Made one WriteTrack() routine that is shared with the analyzer and disk utilities.
  • Corrected problem with strongbits (no flux area) highlighting in the analyzer window.
  • Added new firmware code to be able to disable/enable the auto shutoff routine and made some corrections to several parameter setting routines.
  • Removed the wording "BETA" and made it the official release.

Note: v1.00 requires the v0.7 firmware upgrade.
Release v1.01
  • Changed Flux Display so it shows flux data as time based instead of bitcell based. This gives us the ability to see strongbits (no flux areas), marked with a red pixel (typically forming a line) at the bottom of the display.
  • Changed firmware to fix issue with reading tracks that are 100% completely no flux areas.
  • Changed red vertical stripes in flux display to gray, and now show the proper sections for each revolution.
  • Added framework in Flux Display to allow showing any revolution individually or sequentially, with different colors.
  • Increased speed of Flux Display refresh.
  • Changed firmware to allow a no flux area to appear at the beginning of the revolution.

Note: v1.01 and later requires the v0.8 firmware upgrade.
Release v1.02
  • Fixed crash in Flux Display with NFA in certain conditions.
Release v1.03
  • Fixed problem with scroll bar in analyzer when less than one screen's worth of data, causing a crash if the scroll bar was moved.
  • Disabled flux display options until those features are completed.
Release v1.04
  • Added ability to set the number of revolutions used when creating a disk. This lets you use the 1st or 1st/2nd revolutions (if necessary) with a multi-rev image file to quickly make a copy. Now when you click on the Override file option, the number of revs will be available to change and will be used during the copy.
  • Split making a disk from an image file into two steps:1) loading the flux image, 2) making the disk. This allows for a better control for override options, but more importantly this will give us a way to analyze and display flux images before making a copy (in a future version).
  • Fixed issue with analyzer not displaying 1.44MB MFM data correctly.
  • Got rid of the FLUX, MFM, and GCR buttons. Replaced these with a dropdown list instead with FLUX, MFM, FM, and GCR options.
  • Added ability to display RAW or HEX data. HEX data will decode MFM or FM data into hex.
  • Added support for the numeric keypad numbers... for that picky French guy! Wink
Release v1.05
  • Added FM mode to analyzer.
  • Fixed problem with analyzer's speed correction.
  • Changed first entry to be ignored in the flux display's minimum bitcell time.
  • Added support to analyzer for displaying MFM data as decoded hex.
  • Added support to analyzer for SYNC option with MFM disks.
  • Added support to analyzer for strongbits (no flux areas) in MFM data.
  • Added ability in analyzer to disable re-seeking to track 0 during reads.
Release v1.06
  • Changed OFFSET in analyzer to default as unchecked.
  • Added OFFSET for MFM and FM modes in analyzer.
  • Changed flux display to show information for each revolution in the tooltips, for multi-revolution READs.
  • Fixed bug in calculating write splice for multi-rev images. This bug was introduced with the support for NFA.
  • Fixed a few button combination issues in the copier.
  • Improved copier interface! Now fills in start/end track/heads based on the disk type, which is now a pull-down list with many types of disks listed. New Copy Mode feature lets you select Index or Splice (and soon DOS will be added). Colorized track display, and more!
  • Swapped Copier and Analyzer positions in the Function pull-down menu.
  • Removed G64 file unless disk type is set to C64/128.

A new manual was released to cover the new additions and changes.

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