Issues with Win7 64Bit and SCP 1.5.1/1.8
(11-06-2015, 11:34 AM)admin Wrote: I only have USB 2.0 ports on the development PC, so it's not a USB2 issue for sure.  Smile

It is a potential chipset issue.

USB 2.0: AMD SB950
USB 3.0: ASMedia

It has nothing to do with USB2 in general. See the post from "SomeGuy" in this thread. He had similar issues.
My thing-a-majig has an AMD SB710 chipset, so logically if anyone else reported the same freezing problem using the USB 2 on one of these chipsets or one between it, then that would help nail it down.
The chip used is from FTDI, which is the most common USB chip used now (even more than the CP2102). I have used that same chip in numerous products, and I have only seen two people report problems (here), out of tens of thousands of boards using this chip. I am not sure how popular the AMD SB710 chipset is, so that could very well be the issue. I sent an email to FTDI asking about this issue.

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